How it affects women


Child abortion is a very big problem all over the world. A lot of people think that women should have the right to have an abortion. On the other side people think and are saying that abortion is not an option and should not have practice abortions. In my opinion i think that abortion is not an option and they should just give the child to adoption center. Also this violates article 3 in the human declaration of right because it says every one has the right to life liberty and security. All over the world there's approximately 205 million pregnancies and each year world wide over a third of those pregnancies are unexpected. And about over a fifth end up being abortions. An organization that gives more information is world health organization and teen out breaks.

Organization that explain and help

A organization that helps you understand more and over think about getting an abortion is teen out breaks they have information about how this could affect you. This also lets you know how it became legal and they tell you real life story's of teens who had abortions and also lets you know how it can affect your heath and what doctors do and use to perform abortions and all detail they don't tell you. They also help you if your pregnant you can also contact them here's the link to their page. http://www.teenbreaks.com/abortion/abortionhome.cfm

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