Oil Spills

By: Michael and Michel (M&M)

Issues With Oil

Oil Transportation

One main issue with the transportation of oil, is malfunctions or extreme damage to the device of transportation. It can effect sea life by destroying vital food sources, and beautiful coral reefs. Also, if not handled with caution, the spills can lead to an explosion which harms many organisms in a certain radius.

Animal harm

Oil spills can damage hundreds of animal habitats and kill thousands of animals each year. Many species are endangered by massive oil spills. These animals are vital to life for other species, as well as humans. Sea life or any animal which dwells within ocean water is effected by this issue.

Main regions where oil pollution affects

Many major fishing areas or boat routes can be shut down for a great amount of time. Coastal areas or regions can be badly damaged due to oil spills. Many people who eat any sort of fish or seafood product may be in danger to oil consumption.

solutions to this issue

These cactus needles can absorb the water filled with oil can be seperated by the shape of the needle. It helps makes the process faster and more efficent.