College & Career Center Newsletter

December 2021

In this Newsletter:

  • PCC's Future Connect
  • Customized college reminders to help you stay on track
  • Get your "I Applied" stickers
  • Things to do on Winter Break
  • Scholarships
  • FAFSA, ORSAA, OR Promise & OSAC links
  • Other helpful links (SchooLinks, Big Future, College Connections)

Future Connect Scholarship & Coaching at PCC

Future Connnect is a great way to get additional support while you attend college (PCC) if you are a first generation student or identify as low-income.

Fill out the application before March 1, 2022.

Ask Ms. C. in Room 129 if you have any questions.

Get College-related Reminders on Your Phone

At The College Place, students of all ages can get help planning for college. If you are a student looking for resources to help you polish your college applications and untangle the red tape and paperwork of applying for financial aid, click this link to sign up for grade-appropriate reminders and resources.

Get Your Stickers


If you filled out your FAFSA/ORSAA or applied to a college, please stop by the College & Career Center to get your sticker(s) for our window (Room 129).

Let's fill the window up! :)

Things To Do on Winter Break - Seniors

Finish applying - submit any lingering applications for college, job training, or other post-high school plans.

Get set for scholarships - create an OSAC profile and update your scholarship list.

Catch up on details - focus on any tasks you haven't yet completed for college applications, financial aid, activities chart, resume, etc.


Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber Scholarships

Select an info session date.

Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship

By 12/30/2021

Renaissance Scholars Scholarship

By 2/1/2022

The Ford Family Scholarship

By 3/1/2022

Jiffy Lube Teen Driver Scholarship

"What Drives You?"

By 3/14/2022

Gresham Rotary Scholarship (MHCC)

Application is available in Room 129;

By 4/8/2022

Pay it Forward Scholarship

By 4/29/2022

Strada Scholarship

By 5/1/2022

For more scholarship info visit our C&C Center Scholarships page.

FAFSA, ORSAA, Oregon Promise & OSAC Are Open

Financial Aid Links:

Helpful Links

  • SchooLinks - a great tool for doing your college & career research and staying organized during your application process. Use your GHS email and ID number to log in.
  • Big Future by the College Board - another complex tool to help you with your college search, important deadlines, college cost, finding majors, navigating the application process, etc.
  • College Connection Newsletter - helpful info and tips for students considering the college path after high school.
  • Opportunities Books - everything you need to know about financial aid and the college applicaiton process: English and Spanish.
  • We also have paper copies in Room 129.

GHS College & Career Center

College Coordinator: Lenka Cervenkova

Career Coordinator: Zeke Cecilio

Please come see us or email us with any college and career related questions. We are here for you and ready to help you with your post-high school planning.

Hours: 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Room 129