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August 28, 2015

Every Friday-A Week in Review Reflection

Every Friday morning, students will complete a Week in Review form. On this form students will write a reflection of their week, what they have learned in each subject area, two things they did well that week and one thing they would like to improve on the following week. They will also do a self-evaluation of their work habits in the classroom (1-low and 5-high). I will also use this form to communicate to them, and you, anything I am concerned about or impressed with. I ask that parents sign this over the weekend and return the form back by Tuesday of the following week. This way I will make sure you are receiving the information.

Supporting Our Fellow Geese (No, it is not a fundraiser. :)

This week we learned about Canada geese and why they fly in a V formation. (This allows them to work together to make flying easier.) We also discovered that while flying in their V formation, the geese continuously honk out words of encouragement and support. If another goose becomes sick or injured, two other geese always fly down with it and stay by its side until it is able to fly. We have been applying these same principals in our classroom all week. We concluded that we would make pretty great geese because we do all those same things in our classroom each and every day!

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In our classroom, we focus on collaboration, communication, creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. (All skills these students will need to succeed in the 21st century.

Band and Strings Update

Students are in the process of narrowing down their instrument choice. Enrollment forms will be sent home next week and are due back by Friday, September 4.

Parents and Planners

Several kiddos are having trouble completing homework on time. It would really help if parents could go over the planner with their child every night. Mrs. Hitchcock and I will make sure that their planners are filled out correctly. The only thing that will be written in their planner will be any homework they have that night. Often times students do not finish what was assigned in class and will need to complete it at home.

Thank you so much for helping your child develop positive study habits!

Thank you so much for sending in shoeboxes! If anyone still has one at home, we could still use a few more!

Coming Up Next Week...

Social Studies-Native Americans

Essential Question-How did the environment help shape Native American culture?

This week we will be learning about the Eastern Woodlands and the Plains Indians. We will be writing our own origin stories and using them to create a paper slide video project.

Does anyone know any Native Americans that would be willing to come and speak with our class? We would LOVE that!

Math-adding and subtracting decimals/Rounding


Grammar-Types of Sentences (Declarative/Interrogative/Imperative/Exclamatory)

Writing Trait- Word Choice

Writing Skill- Using Strong Verbs/Show, Don't Tell

Assignment-The Tragic Life of a Pop Can

Reading-Finishing up Shiloh

Target Skills-Story Structure/plot development/conflict resolution, Context Clues

Reading Strategies-Asking Questions/Close Reading/Noticing Narrative Signposts-Memory Moment, Aha! Moment, Contrasts & Contradictions, Again & Again, Words of the Wiser, Tough Question


Just a reminder that spelling tests are on Thursdays, practice pages are due on Thursday (several kiddos are not remembering to turn these in and that will really affect their grade), and new lists will come home on Fridays.

Both the regular and challenge lists are on Spelling City. Just go to (Thank you Kari and her parent volunteer for putting in all of our lists!) Just click on the box below and it will take you to the site.

Students may use this wonderful site to practice their words.

We are hoping to start taking the post tests using Spelling City to cut down on the amount of time it takes to give three different lists. You will be able to see your child's spelling test score on ParentVue.

Dates to Remember

Monday, August 31-Skate City 6-8

Thursday, September 3-PTA Meeting 7:00

Friday, September 4-Book Orders are due. *Please make checks out to Scholastic.

Monday, September 7-Labor Day

So True! Reading+Reading+Reading= Great Reading, Writing, and Oral Language Skills!

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Specials Schedule



Wednesday-Computer Lab/Music



Have a wonderful week!