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Newspaper Friday

All of the 8th grade Language Arts students are involved in writing the Sabish Press.

They plan, research,interview, write, revise and edit the articles. These students are collaborating and creating just like you would see at the offices of CNN, USA Today or BBC.

This is our target for our learning.

We will write and REVISE to inform and entertain our community

by collaborating, using well-chosen facts, details, and quotations

so that our readers can clearly comprehend and understand

because we are informing and entertaining our community through writing.

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Life at Sabish

Thoughts.... Sabish

by Mariana Hernandez and Nicole Athanasiou

Do you like school? Well, we hope you do because this month we decided to do opinions on school. One of the stereotypes about school is that everyone dislikes it and it’s boring. Many students at Sabish, surprisingly, answered yes, they do enjoy school.

Most sixth graders agreed that school was fun, saying, “It’s amazing!” and, “It’s awesome!” Students in other grades weren’t as enthusiastic, but said school actually wasn’t that bad. But as most students know, “It's the law.” Emily Ott says, “It’s not that bad, but homework is not the best thing.” Another student responded by saying, “Yes, I do like school because I have a motivation to be in school.”

We asked some eighth graders how they feel about going to high school. Malina Vang told us that she was nervous and a little bit scared, unlike Emily Wood who said, “It’s okay. I’m not nervous.”

The most challenging question we asked was, “What do you want to study in college?” An 8th grader unhesitantly replied, “How am I supposed to know that? I’m only in middle school!”

Some students suggested things to make the school better. Christina Lopez said that teachers should get more excited to teach and not just stand up in front of the class and start talking. Sia says, “There should be four people to a table [side]. And we should get microwaves.” Sixth graders, including Mario, Julisia, and Star said they like school because they feel comfortable and everyone is caring.

After we interviewed some students we bumped into Ms. Blatz, who is in her second year at Sabish teaching math. We decided to ask her how she felt about our school. She said, “I love Sabish! I think everyone here is friendly and everyone can grow.”

Almost all the students in Sabish Middle School said that they liked being in school and also that they like Sabish so, “GO SABISH BEARS!”

6th Graders Join the Bear Den

by Kristi

We questioned 6th graders about their new life at Sabish.

Our first question was, “How do you like Sabish?” We went into the gym and found 2 random 6th graders throwing a medicine ball back and forth when we asked them the question they answered, “Good because of nice people and teachers.” They also said that “there was no bullying.” We took a few 6th graders out into the hall and asked them our second question which was, “How is it different from elementary school?” Ella Schmitz answered, “You have to go class to class and you have lockers.” Cole Carlson answered, “There’s more homework and there are different classes I’m not used to.” Our next question was, “Were you scared to come to Sabish?” Most 6th graders we surveyed said yes because of the lockers. Also because they thought the teachers would be ogres and thought they would be very strict. But one students said, “No because I didn’t think the people would be very mean.”

Then we asked 6th, 7th, and 8th graders about how they like the lunch at Sabish.

Mainly all of the 6th graders said that the food here was better than the choices at elementary school except for a few that said it seemed more artificial. Every 7th grader we interviewed said that the lunch at Sabish was “disgusting” or that “they should use real food.” All of the 8th graders we questioned said that the food was “nasty” or “gross because they have found hair in the meal multiple times, or that the meat is never cooked enough.” We asked them, “What the school could do to make it better?” Most of the students we interviewed said, "Get better food, get new recipes, or use real food.”


by Abby and Cristal

Volunteer means “a person who performs a service willingly and without pay". Why should you volunteer? Volunteering can help others in your community, and some volunteer opportunities will help you get in NJHS.

NJHS is a national organization that recognizes students that show great Scholarship, Citizenship, Leadership, Service, and Character. To be in NJHS, you have to have a 3.5 or better grade point average during all terms at Sabish. You also have to receive approval from the majority of the Faculty Council and show Scholarship, Citizenship, Leadership, Service, and Character. You can not have any suspensions or detentions.

One thing people have done is volunteer to help rake leaves on Saturday, October 26 from 8:45am - noon. The kickoff meeting was at McDermott Park. People brought their rakes and helped out others.

You could volunteer at the Fond du Lac Public Library. To volunteer, you just have to talk to the person at the front desk and tell them you are a student at Sabish Middle School and you would like to volunteer. You would be shelving DVDs. Only seventh and eighth graders can volunteer.

Another thing you could do volunteer at the Fond du Lac Senior Center. They are looking for help in a variety of areas such as movie showings, special events and potlucks. For more information call 920-322-3430.

If you would like to volunteer, or if you have any questions, see Mrs. Rieder in room 152. or email her at You could also see the Volunteer Board located by the science hallway.

A Semester of Social Studies and Science?

By Alondra Sanchez and Sweetie Moua

It’s been a year now since we’ve changed the schedule to social studies half of the year and science the other half. We think it’s time for us to reflect on this. So we went in search of opinions to see if this is the best way of learning for the Sabish students.

We first asked our peers on their thoughts about this. We were in front of the Sabish library interviewing students previously in social studies. We asked them, “ Do you like how they have social studies half of the year and science the other? Why?” Nick, Allison, and Brianna all replied with no. Brianna explained that by having them split up into half of the year causes most students to forget what they learned in that first half of the year. Yet Trevor said that he liked it because that shortened your time for that class.

We also asked Hunter Meyer and Alexis Bell the same thing. They both also said no.

Movie Night

by Ben Stoffel-Murray, Nick Cannon, and Andy Yang

On Thursday, October 10, Sabish held its first movie night in the Cafeteria. However, it wasn’t just a movie, there was also an open gym and games room. The overall attendance wasn’t amazing, but as Mr. Bartow put it when we interviewed him in his classroom, “The kids that were there liked it, and the poll afterwards said it was good also.” As we said earlier, there wasn’t just a movie for kids to enjoy, but games and an open gym.

Many people throughout the night took advantage of this opportunity, with many people playing the card game Garbage against teachers and an electric game of lightning continuing throughout the night in the gym. Mr. Bartow admitted that helped the attendance situation, saying “It gave the kids variety. People did all the things. It gave them more freedom.”

Not only did Ben and Nick attend it, but they also worked it. It was a slow night for sales, but despite that it was a very fun event to work. Mr Bartow agreed, saying, “It was enjoying to see the kids interact with each other, and I saw some kids in a different light.”

Despite the great things that happened that night, there were still parts that could be changed. For Mr. Bartow, the number one thing was to make sure that the events don’t compete with sports such as Volleyball and Cross Country. “We could also bring in families next time,” Mr. Bartow said. The real question though was if Movie Night could become a regular event like dances. “I think it could be a possibility,” said Mr. Bartow, with a smile.

"Just Kidding"-Is "Just Kidding" justification for bullying behavior?

By Hlee Xiong, Payten Wyrobeck, and Treanna Breckheimer

A discussion with Mrs. Luft inspired us to create an interview about bullying. The first person we interviewed was a 6th grader. He was dressed in a white button up smock with paint splatters covering it. While nervously fidgeting by the art room door, he stated that bullying hurts people’s feelings and that the words "just kidding" is an excuse for not getting in trouble. He also said that if he saw someone getting bullied he would tell a teacher right away. For the last question, he stated that regular bullying, like face-to-face insults and physical pushing and shoving, is worse because it has a greater impact on people than cyberbullying does.

The second person we interviewed was Mr. Lock. He was sporting a neat polo and blue jeans. He said that bullying is inappropriate and unnecessary. He passionately stated that he was sick of the words "just kidding" and believes that sometimes kids these days may not realize that words hurt even if you say "just kidding". He said that if he saw someone getting bullied he would step up and help. For the last question he stated that he hasn’t experienced either so he honestly doesn’t know which is worst.

The third person we interviewed was a 6th grader who was comfortably sitting on a bike in gym class. He was dressed in the mandatory blue shirt, but was also in ripped blue jeans. His response was that bullying is horrible, hurts people, and makes them want to commit suicide. He also doesn’t take the word "just kidding" or sarcasm well. If he saw someone being bullied he would bravely stand up for them. For the last question he stated that regular bullying is worse because it’s face-to-face and that cyberbullying is not as bad because it’s behind a screen.

The last person we interviewed was a 8th grader. He was dressed in a long sleeve Zoo York shirt with classic blue jeans. He strongly believes that kids who bully are unintelligent and shouldn’t bully because they’re not perfect themselves. He also believes that it depends on how the word "just kidding" is said because if it’s one of your friends they should know you and shouldn’t be so serious. He himself has gotten in trouble for it. If he saw someone being bullied or picked on he would help them out, because if he was in their shoes he would want someone to help him out. For the last question he stated that regular bullying is worse because there are more people who can gang up on you.

We ourselves believe that bullying is wrong, unnecessary and unrighteous. We also think that the reason people bully is not because they lack intelligence, but because they want to feel better about themselves or impress others in their social groups. What everyone needs to learn is that nobody’s perfect. If you're Asian, African American, Hispanic, or White it shouldn’t matter; we should all be treated the same because it’s just a skin color. Like Mr. Lock says, “You can never have too many friends.”

New Students

written by: Katlyn Hendricks, Lizzy Knoblett, and Samantha MacMillan

We have a bunch of new students this year, 6th Graders! Every year we have a group of new kids considered as 6th Graders. We took the time to interview a few of them.

A lot of the kids said they liked 6th Grade. Less homework, lockers, more classes, more teachers, thats their new world. When we interviewed them they seemed nervous and unsure. Some people swayed back and forth, or kept cracking their knuckles, or even playing with the things on their wrists. Some of their favorite subjects were, Science, Math, Language Arts and Gym.

They also responded with the funniest thing that happened to them this year, it varied from people getting hit in the face by a soccer ball or kickball, people slipping or falling in gym, and people falling of chairs in art. The kids we interviewed mostly came from Lakeshore Elementary or Evans Elementary. We had one person from Cavazos, Texas. Lucky us.

We would like to give a special thanks to Sarah Piper, Edgar Leal, Mitchell Huettl, Audra Ross, Krysy Knudtson, and Dave Pandya for letting us interview you.

New Teachers

written by: Katlyn Hendricks, Lizzy Knoblett, Sam MacMillan

Every year we get new 6th graders, we also get new teachers. We have a few new teachers this year. We took the time to interview a few of them.

When we interviewed the teachers they were just as nervous as the 6th Graders but they were more sure and confident in their answers. They played with their hands, their wrist watches, and swayed.

Some teachers worked in Fond du Lac and some worked out of Fond du Lac, for example Ms. Niederehe worked at Riverside Elementary School and Mr. Bell worked at Kewaskum Elementary School. We also have a new teacher by the name of Mr. Deli. He worked at Smith Elementary School. They explained why they picked Sabish, Mr. Bell said he chose Sabish because he could tell in his interview that the people seemed proud of their school. Ms. Niederehe said she submitted her resume everywhere. Mr. Deli said he graduated for Fondy High and wanted to come back and teach.

When we asked them why they liked their subject they gave great answers. For example, Mr.Deli said he like science because, it’s fun to teach and Science is about the process of the true trial and error that happens. I want my 6th graders to experience that. Ms. Niederehe said picked science as well because, she enjoys it and finds it interesting. She never gets bored from it. Mr. Bell said he enjoys getting students motivated to move and try sports or activities that they would normally not have the opportunity to try on their own. Thank you teachers for all your motivation and support.

We would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Bell, Mr. Deli, and Ms. Niederehe for taking time out of your day to let us interview you.

School Lunch

Sabish School Lunches : Deona Wright, Tyra Campbell, and Kiara Tabbert

Over the course of two weeks we went around interviewing students from each grade about their opinions about the school lunches. The majority of the students had said that the lunches were not very good. These are interviews of the students, be prepared for what you are about to read, it might just blow your mind.

6th graders Caden, Javin, Kira, and Cole gave us feedback on what they thought about the Sabish’s lunches. We got the answers back on how the lunch’s can be a lot more better than what they are now. Some of the questions that were asked was. ”How do you feel about the lunches of Sabish? What are some of your favorite lunch choices? What are your least favorite lunch choices? What can the cook’s do to make the lunches better or more healthier? ”

At around 9:45 on Friday, September 25, we got the responses of the following 6th graders named. They agreed to that fact of how bad the lunches tasted. One of the changes that some students stated well be better was,having at least half of the items be white bread instead of wheat bread on choices such a pizza and etc. One of the most popular best lunch choices that were brought up was pizza. But also some of the worse lunch choices that were brought up was pizza and the mac&cheese. Some of the complaints that were stated was how most of the lunch room choices such as meat and milk is all processed. At least more than two people from each grade regarded seeing something in their food. A common complaint was hair was found in nachos, and mac&cheese.

It was a chilly fall morning at Sabish Middle School, and classes were in session. Deona, Kiara and myself we all on a mission, and that was to get find out the students opinions on the school lunches. We had been going from class to class to look for kids opinions. Then we got to an 8th grade class and we inviewed two students, Evan and Kylar. They said prison food is better, and think they should put in effort into making it better because, it’s too plain and bland. They also said the only food they like is pizza because its the only thing that actually good, but even that is usually drowning in grease. They said they didn't like the barbecue chicken, because its not real chicken and tastes gross. Also the Mac & cheese, looks gross, consists of crunchy noodles, and is not always fully cooked.

Then we interviewed two more students on the same day to see how they liked school lunches. Faith, Saischia and Brooke, and they said they did not like school lunches, saying that it’s not always warm and they should have white bread instead of wheat.

It was a calm fall morning at Sabish Middle School, and classes were in session. Deona, Tyra, and myself were all on a mission, and that was to go find out the student's opinions on the school lunches. We had been going from class to class in search of some students that really elaborate on the controversial topic. We weren't having much luck that morning, that is not until we came upon Ms. Blatz's 7th grade math class. We asked Ms.Blatz if we could borrow two students to interview for the school newspaper. She gladly handed over two students, Vincent and Liz Hanson. When asked about their opinion about the school lunches, they told us that the school lunches were gross, disgusting, sucked, all the things you hear about in the movies. Liz told us about finding a long gray strand of hair in her nachos one time, since then she hasn't taken it since.

They further went on to tell us about the quality of the food.One thing that really stood out was one certain ingredient the school used. Whole wheat. The entire time we had been interviewing students that morning, the majority had dissed on the whole wheat bread, and whole wheat noodles. Most of the students had described the switch from what was once white bread to wheat, as an attempt on a wannabee healthy and nutritious lunch. Once we were done interviewing Liz, and Vincent, we wandered through the hallways until we stumbled upon Mr.Coon's Block B math. We had met one interesting 7th grader in particular, Jack Rusch. When asked about the school lunches, he said, "Wannabee healthy foods, diabetes on a tray."

In conclusion, the majority of the students, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, all gave the school lunches a big thumbs down. Stayed tuned, because next time we'll be interviewing the very hands that serve us and their co-workers. The students and staff of Sabish Middle School. This has been the first edition of the Sabish Press, Kiara, Deona, and Tyra signing out.

Bullying Experiences

Bullying is a huge problem facing today’s teenagers. Most people have been bullied.

“It’s not good for the environment or community and you won’t have friends”, said Ellen Lock, a 6th grader. Ellen said she has been bullied. She also said to tell an adult or ignore it. Daniel Bestel, another 6th grader, said he has been bullied and feels its horrible.

In 7th Grade we interviewed Hayden Mand and Camden Mueller. Hayden remembers that in 3rd grade somebody called him a rude name and hit him with a toy rattle snake. He also stated that bullies are bad. Camden admitted that he doesn't remember if he has been bullied before. He stated everyone talks about fixing bullying, but nobody does anything about it.

Meanwhile, 8th Graders Kiara Tabbert and Donta Lee both had different views on bullying. Kiara mentioned that she has been bullied and it shouldn’t happen. “Its terrible”. Donta said he has never been bullied and he thinks it’s fine. “It happens in life.”

Finally we interviewed 2 teachers, Mr. Bell and Ms. Faris. Mr. Bell he doesn’t like it and was bullied when he was younger, and he still doesn’t understand why people do it. “If you don’t like somebody, just stay away from them” he added. Ms. Faris, the school counselor, also mentioned that she was also bullied.

Bullying is one of the hardest things to deal with. It’s worse now than it was in past years because of advancements in technology. Tell somebody when it’s happening and don’t hold it all inside. If you don’t tell somebody it won’t change. It’s not hopeless, and there are situations where people have taken their lives. Just remember that there is always people out there that will help you.


By Tess B.

Why I wrote my newspaper article is because I think education is very important. I did some interviewing to some teachers and first I talked with Mrs. Schneider,

"What do you think is important about school?"

She said "to always make growth" She had a big smile on her face.

I also asked "What do you think is important about education?"

She responded with a nice answer. "It's the opportunity or ticket to become whatever you want to be."

Mr. Treleven also gave me some insights. I asked him why he thinks education is important.

"Education gives people the tools they need to achieve personal happiness and social awareness."

To me that means to achieve my goals, like college or career, and to learn how to work in groups with anyone. Another example is to learn to talk in front of people and feel confident.

Mr. Treleven went to UW-Oshkosh. He studied how to teach in grades 1-8.

Education teaches you how to read, write and think. It would be hard to be in the world without those skills. That is why education is so important.


It was a stressful Friday morning Mr. Fed was walking by when we asked him for an interview, he looked at us and said he had a few minutes so we went to the band room. We walked in the band room, sat down and asked Mr. Fed a question. We asked, “How do you feel about the new 6th grade students?” He said, "The 6th grade students are very positive and ready to work."

Student Fiction.....

Night Hunter- A Chapter a Month

by Meg Kiefer

Night Hunters

The Boogieman, Dracula, the werewolves that prowl the night when the moon’s it’s fullest. Why those are the classics. Stories told to children around campfires to scare the living daylights out of them, while the older sibling gets a good kick out of it, right? Just stories, myths, nothing but a legend? But what if I told you it was all true? What if I said that there were in fact brain-eating zombies out there, and that I’d seen them with my own two eyes?

You wouldn’t believe me would you, or maybe you would but the logic part of your brain is telling you I’m crazy. You think I’m lying yet you want to know more. Well I’ll tell you more, but I want to warn you first. If you think you can handle what I’m about to say, well you’re already over your head, because there isn’t anyway you could possibly prepare yourself. If you already think this will be too much for you, stop while you can, because once I start there is no going back. You won’t forget it. It will stay with you for the rest of your life. Once I tell you the first story, I’m releasing information that has never been heard from your kind. We hunt the things that haunt your craziest nightmares. No, we aren’t like the Ghostbusters, why they were just amateurs. No we’re professionals. Who are we?

We’re the Night Hunters.

To be Continued...

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