Boycott Corporate Pet Stores

Corporate Pet Stores and Puppy Mills

Pet shop employees routinely deny that they purchase from mills, or brokers that trade in puppy mill animals. They claim that they purchase puppies from 'reputable breeders and that the AKC papers prove it. As long as pet store customers purchase puppies, puppy mills will have a market. If you purchase a puppy, another animal will take it’s place. The mothers of the pups will continue to suffer.

Year of 2014

Wednesday, Jan. 1st, 12am to Wednesday, Dec. 31st, 12am

440 North Orleans Street

Chicago, IL

Boycott corporatepets stores. Instead you can get animals at local breeders or at the humane shelter in your city.

Puppy Mills

Because the animals are a means of income, expenses are kept down. The focus is on profit, with their welfare given little or no consideration. Puppy mills typically confine large numbers of dogs in rows of crudely constructed, over-crowded pens. The floors are constructed of wiring to allow feces and urine to drop to the ground below. This causes discomfort to the animals’ paws.

Considered nothing more than breeding stock, mother dogs are forced to have litters at an early age, and kept continually pregnant. Mother dogs are killed when they’re no longer able to produce a profitable litter size.