The Rule of Peter the Great

By Maggie Johnson


  • Perter the Great was not well educated.
  • He spent hours walking so that he could see the way the European people lived.
  • He ruled with unlimited authority.


  • Peter was able to bring teachers, soldiers and experts in technology to Russia.
  • He was able to get through social and economical changes by improving education, technology, and making the Russian alphabet easier for the people.
  • He also was able to improve water ways and canals. On top of that he also minning manufacturing and supported newertrading companies.


  • One of Peter's policies was westernization. Westernization is the taking of Western ideas and culture.
  • Peter required all landowning nobles to shave their beards and wear robes with a Western style.
  • He also made men and women dance together at his parties in order to end the segrigated quarters.

Interesting Facts

  • Peter the Great became king at the age of 10 but did not fully control the government until he was 17.
  • He spent most of his time in the "German Quarter". This was an area a lot of Dutch, English and Scottish soldiers.
  • At the age of 25 he decided to learn about the western ways for himself.