Touched By A Charm Firefighter Sale

Keep Him Close to Your Heart with an Origami Owl Locket



DESIGN 1: $60.00

Option B : $65.00 This design with the silver locket with crystals pictured in locket below.



DESIGN 2: $70.00

Option B : $65.00 This design with unadorned silver locket as pictured Design 1 .


Shipping & Handiling is not being charged for your order as a Thank You for ordering, therefore all orders must be placed before the March 15th deadline. Orders for lockets after the deadline can be placed through our website as an individual order at

If you wish to modify the lockets pictures in this flyer, please call me and I will be more than happy to help you personalize your locket. Customizing your locket will alter the price listed above. It can be more it can be less! We also have over 10 different chain styles to choose from, feel free to browse the online website. for more information

Payments can be made via check or Paypal

Orders will be received within 10 days of payment.

Touched By A Charm

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Origami Owl designed BY YOU with charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love!

I'm a Independent Designer for OO and am joined by my sister & daughter We would be happy to help you design a Living Locket as unique as you! Origami Owl custom jewelry, lockets & charms are fun, stylish with a modern flare & affordable. You can change it up anytime you


Customer-Designed Lockets, Charms, Stamped Plates, and Dangles. Everything is interchangeable to fit your life's story, personality, mood, or special occasion!

A TIsket A Tasket Unique Gift Wrapping Service

Choose the items you want us to put in your gift basket, giving your gift a unique, personal touch; or you can choose a pre-designed, themed basket for that special occasion with your gift recipients hobby or likes in mind.

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