Mrs. Hatcher's Hoppenings

A look into Frog-Tastic Learning in B104

Welcome to Middle School!

Middle School is a short and exciting time in a student's academic life. Students grow and change physically and academically. There are many ways to get involved, have fun, and learn. Faubion is the BEST place to be! If you have questions please feel free to email me at:

If I don't have the answer, I will find one or point you in the right direction.

Progress Reports and Grades

A new 3 week grade report will be available soon. Please continue to check the HAC system for any missing work or work which is graded below standard. Some students have been sent home with a tutoring pass. Remember summative grades which are failing can be "fixed"; however, a student must come in for a reteach in order to receive a retest. A retest will only be scored for a percentage no higher than 80.

If you need assistance with HAC (Home Access Center), please contact your child's councilor. Last names A-K: Robin Phillips Last names L-z: Christina Kiefer.

Classroom Links

There are numerous ways the students and I will communicate through out our day. There are also ways to communicate outside of school hours. Check out the following links:

Twitter: @MrsHatcherclass

I have students as "Guest Tweeters" during the day. Make sure you are following us!!


Website: (This is a living website. Changes and updates happen all the time!)


Phone: 469-302-7011

This newsletter! I will send this out weekly.

Your child's phone or planner: I list out our objectives and weekly calendar on the board at the beginning of the week. Students may write information or take a picture with their phone.

What's "Hoppening" this week?

Language Arts:

This week, we will turn our focus from Theme and Poetry to writing. We will spend the week working on a personal narrative.

Social Studies:

Social Studies is taught through inquiry. MISD uses the ELM model for project based learning. For many students and parents, project based learning is a new experience. Please contact me with any questions. I love teaching through the ELM model. My former students loved learning through this model.

Students have been placed into new teams and have been given a challenge. In order to complete the challenge, students have some learning to do. Learning will take place this week and into next week. Students will learn material autonomously (ask your child what autonomous means!) and with their teams. Workshops, research, and Do It Yourself choice work will be available for students. There is a significant amount of choice and students will need to learn how to manage their time.

This week, we will wrap up our Citizenship unit by reflection on our work and our projects. We will collect donations for the Veteran's Hospital in Bonham starting Monday, September 28- Friday, October 9th. Please ask your child about the donations we are collecting. On Wednesday, we will kick off our next unit called "Why Freedom Matters". Students will be learning about government systems through the world.


I am seeing students who are challenged in 2 ways:

1. Difficulty understanding concepts

2. Need assistance completing work

I am available:

Monday - Thursday mornings 8:15-8:40

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday after school 3:45- 4:30

Tuesday and Thursday, we have a late bus- meaning we have a bus for students at 4:30 which will drop students off at the elementary school near their home.

Civic Participation- an announcement from some students

Hey Lions and Lionettes,

Do you remember those veterans that risked their life for you and the people around you? Well, we are trying to get everyone at Faubion to donate toiletries for the veterans that are ill or hurt.

The things we are donating are warm socks,shampoo/conditioner,toothpaste, floss , toothbrush, hairbrush,combs,razor, and lotion. Do not bring bars of soap, mouthwash, and after shave.

After you buy for this good cause, you turn the items into a social studies classroom down the 6th grade hallway. Are you gonna be part of civic participation? Thankyou have a wonderful day.