Integrated Physics and Chemistry

Fall 2015

Goals for the Day

1. Provide new tools for your toolbox.

2. Develop K-U-D for Mechanical Energy unit.

3. Use PLC menu to create TEKS aligned activities that incorporate process skills and utilize high yield learning strategies to create impactful student experiences.


On the index card write 4 statements about you.

3 statements need to be true.

1 statement needs to be false.

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Total Participation Techniques

This book can be found for free through our library online resources.

Intranet --> Logins --> ASCD ebooks (password: lonestar) --> search Total Participation Techniques

The Big Ideas! Mechanical Energy

5A - recognize and demonstrate that objects and substances in motion have kinetic energy such as vibration of atoms, water flowing down a stream moving pebbles, and bowling balls knocking down pins

5B - demonstrate common forms of potential energy, including gravitational, elastic, and chemical, such as a ball on an inclined plane, springs and batteries

5D investigate the law of conservation of energy

Unit Planning - Mechanical Energy

Questions to ask:

  • Does the activity meet the intent of the standard?
  • Is there an opportunity for students to process?
  • Do students have the opportunity to read, write, listen, speak?
  • How do you know if all students are "getting it" each day? Formative Assessment

Tools for Planning

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New Learning:)

Tool for ESL Students

For translating- Use a google doc. While the google document is open select "tools" from the menu, then "translate". You will be able translate the document into any language offered in google.