avalanche safety tips



Hi my name is Shae-Anne.Carney and today i am going to be telling you about safety if you get stuck in an avalanche i will tell you 3 very important tips on how to stay safe in an avalanche.

1. When you are tumbling around in an avalanche you dont know which way you are so my advice would be to urinate because your wee would go down so you just go up which is the oposite way to which the urine is travelling.

2. If you see an avalanche coming your way make sure you ski right or left.

3.My third reason would to always be carrying a knap sack or something to put supplies in when hunting or skieng.

Landslides and Avalanches

Landslides can be just as dangerous as a avalanche and there is one very courageous person who definitely shows how dangerous they are. His name is Stuart Diver and he was sleeping when all of a sudden a whole lot of water comes down on him and his wife and the roof had slammed on his wife right beside him who sadly died but stuart did not die because he kept faith by counting to fifteen and then starting again but my point of all this is that he kept faith and you keep faith it is amazing what you can achieve.