how can someone become addicted to sex?

Why did I choose this topic to talk about?

Honestly, I just chose it because I thought it would be a funny and interesting topic to research.
Pitch Perfect Riff-Off: Lets talk about sex

Who thought of sex?

Birds do it, Bees do it...I guess Adam and Eve were just having fun!
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The biology behind the bangin'

The brain tells the sex addict that having illicit sex is good, the same way it tells others that food is good when they are hungry.

Q: How can a successful mother or father, doctor, businessperson drop everything to think about sex?

A: When addicted to sex, the person gets a sense of euphoria from it that seems to go beyond that reported by most people. The sex isn't about the intimacy. The addict seeks pleasure so they may avoid unpleasant feelings or respond to outside stressors(ex. work, personal problems)

A: More research has shown that addicts come from a dysfunctional family. One study found that 82%of addicts reported being sexually abused as children.

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How do I stop the sex??

Q: Is there a cure for this addiction??

A: While there is no cure, you can manage this addiction. If the addiction isn't treated, the addict can begin to feel guilty and develop a low self esteem, and also start to show signs of depression. They can also develop relationship or family problems, and may even be surprised with an unexpected pregnancy or an STD.

...So...what treatments are there to help a person who is addicted to sex??

1. Therapy:
a. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment: shifting the persons focus of their thoughts and behaviors. And to help avoid relapse(having sex again).
b: Counseling: explore and correct the underlying causes that may have led to the sex addiction.
2. Residential Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment Centers(yes, they actually have those):
-during this, you'll be able to focus exclusively on your recovery and you're able to interact with others who face the same problem!
3. Luxury Sex Addiction Facilities(yes, they apparently have those too):
-this is for people who want to undergo treatment in a tranquil/peaceful environment
4. Executive Sex Addiction Programs:
this method is specifically designed for people who worry about taking time away from their business while getting treatment.
5. Outpatient Sexual Addition Rehab and Treatment Programs:
this type of treatment is available if a person is able to take a chunk of your day away to get major help or if you are concerned about relapsing.
6. Prescription and Over-The-Counter Medication

Sex Statistics

Q: What percentage of the population are sex addicts?
A: 6%-8% of Americans are sex addicts, which is 18 million – 24 million people

Q: About what percentage of people beat the addiction?
A: only about 5%

Q: What percent of women develop depression from their spouse being an addict?
A: About 80%


What celebrities are/were sex addicts?
-Lindsey Lohan
-Kanye West
-Charlie Sheen
Step 1: Honesty - David’s Story about Sex Addiction Recovery