The Hunger Games

Catching Fire


  • KATNISS EVERDEEN: She is the main protagonist in the book. She is one of the victors of District 12 . She gets engaged to Peeta Mellark and she is chosen to be in 3rd Quarter Quell.

  • PEETA MELLARK: he is one of the victors of District 12. He is engaged to Katniss . He volunteers in Haymitch's place in the Quarter Quell.
  • HAYMITCH ABERNATHY: He is a victor of District 12 . He is Katniss and Peeta's mentor.
  • PRESIDENT SNOW: He is the president of Panem. He is known to be Cruel and Manipulative. He dislikes Katniss very much and attempts to kill her.
  • FINNICK ODAIR: He is the victor of district 4 . He survives Quarter Quell and he is in love with Anne
  • JOANNA MASON: She is the victor of District 7. She also survives The Quarter Quell.


Katniss and Peeta's life have changed in a very great amount ever since they have gotten rich . Katniss walks out of the woods one day and she finds President Snow waiting for her. He Personally tells her that she needs to prove to him that her and Peeta's love is true. Katniss is causing a rebellion because she is a symbol of hope. Snow threatens Katniss with the life of her family. For that reason she realizes that she will have to pretend for the rest of her life . She will have to marry Peeta. Snow's plan is to plan a 3rd Quarter Quell where two victors of each district have to fight to the death in another hunger games . Throughout the book it tells in detail the intense experience of the 3rd quarter Quell. In the end, Katniss shoots an arrow to the dome. Katniss gets rescued and she now lives in district 13 with Finnick. Peeta and Joanna and other victors where taken with the capital.

I recommend this book because

  • It is a book for everyone to enjoy
  • I could not put the book down
  • The book is better than the movie
  • It has all genres combined into one