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Newsletter #1: March 23 -27

Prinicpal's Message

Hello, I hope you are all doing well. I know these are difficult times for everyone and as a school our hearts go out to you. As far as logging in to these online learning spaces, please follow these directions.

1. You must be logged on to the correct student's account to use that google classroom. For example, if a student in grade 5 wants to access their google classroom they must be logged on to their account, not a older/younger sibling's.

2. Click on the button below and you will be taken to the google classroom.

3. Ask us for help when we contact you through the week if you have questions or concerns.

Stay safe and healthy everyone, we miss you!

Kindergarten with Ms. Mastel

Hello Kindergarten! Click on the link to see what fun I have planned for you, miss you all!

- Miss. Mastel

Grade 1 with Miss. Klapp

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I sure miss you! There is a work package available for your parents to pick up on Tuesday. Starting Wednesday, I will be making calls home to check-in and to set up a scheduled time to talk to you each week and offer any help I can.

Take Care,

Miss Klapp

Grade 2 With Mrs. Jordan

Hi Everyone;
I hope all is well. I am missing all of you. For this week I would like you to do the learning package that I am sending home. I will be calling each of you this week sometime. Take care and talk to you soon.
- Mrs. Jordan

Grade 3 with Ms. Charlton

Hi All!

I hope you are doing well. I am glad we are staying connected even if it is at a distance. Please click the link above to join our google classroom. I have sent instructions in What'sapp if you need help logging into your account or you can email me I am trusting that you are working on your mad minute times tables and your measurement booklets. In our google classroom I have added us to Epic reading, prodigy math and I have a science activity for you to complete

Take care and miss you

- Ms. C

Grade 4 with Mrs. Giles

Click here for Grade 4 Google Classroom

Please see link for information/lessons

Hey Grade 4's I miss you all so much! I wish we could all be together, but for right now this is the safest option. Check the links above to stay connected with what we are doing with your instructions. Do not be afraid to message, email or call if you need help!

- Mrs. Giles

Grades 5-6 with Ms. Morrow/Mrs. Paulson

Hey Grade 5s and 6s, we miss you all so much! I wish we could all be together, but for right now this is the safest option. Check the links above to stay connected with what we are doing with your instructions. Do not be afraid to message, email or call if you need help!

- Miss. Morrow/Mrs.Paulson

Hi Grade 6's! I hope you and your families are all doing well. It is tough being here without you as I have no one to talk to. I'm sure you are all missing our lengthy math discussions. I'm trusting you all have your Unit 6 Ratios booklet at home with you now. I have provided you with a page or 2 from the textbook for each lesson. As we always do in math, please read the lesson and the student examples. Then try and answer the reflection questions. Then go to the lesson in your booklet and read the goal and the "At Home Help." Then complete the lesson. If you have any questions you can always email me. On Thursday at 10am, we are all doing mad minutes, so time yourself and email me. Take care Grade 6!

- Mr. Terry

Grades 7-9

Hello Grade 7 - 9!!

By now I'm sure you are missing school terribly, especially math! I'm sending home some work to keep your math brains growing and strong. :-) Please try to do a little each day. I'm hoping you can complete a booklet every 2 weeks. In your first package you should receive a Unit 4 Chapter Check. Try to do it on your own as it is a test. Then move on to Chapter 5 Booklet. Read the instructions and examples very carefully before beginning. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at school and I will be happy to help. Next week I hope to have a Google Classroom set up for you to communicate with me. I'm trying to keep things as "normal" as possible in these trying times. You will also notice I've included a Mad Minutes and Timetable page in your package. This Thursday is the last Thursday of the month so I thought at 10 am we could all sit down and do our 5 minute MM as well as our 8 minute TT quizzes. Feel free to check your work with a calculator to give yourself a score. We need to keep our Mental Math skills sharp as well! Take care everyone! Mr. T.

Mr. Bradley's Classes

Check Google Classroom and Emails every day for classroom instruction videos, activities, reminders, and more!

If you need help with signing in or getting access to google class room send me an email.

All other questions should be addressed on the forum of that google class.

Social 20: -- Class code = 5oihy77

Social 7: -- Class code = guz637q

Social 8: Class code= psvrfcw

Social 9: Class code= ztfjj3i

Literacy Group and Language Arts: Class code= ni25djv

CALM: Class code= pupd3ep

Social 10 ADLC: Class code= j7kfpgq