Visual Interpretation Assignment

Allison Hartman

James-Lange Theory of Emotion

The student has started to sweat and run his hands through his hair because it's getting close to the end of test time. He realizes that he is becoming anxious and he just needs to calm down and realize that he knows what he is doing and can finish the test.
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Cannon-Bard Theory of Emotion

The girl in the picture was watching a movie and simultaneously she became sad and started crying. Her physical reaction and emotion towards the event happened at the same time.
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Schachter-Singer Theory of Emotion (The Two-Factor Theory)

In the first image the man may assume that his heart is racing because he is fearful of the dog chasing him. However, in image two the man may think that his heart is racing because he is looking at the girl he loves and that makes him happy. Even though his response to both stimuli is the same, they differ from situation to situation.