My Antonia

By Willa Cather

The Prairie experience for me

The prairie is a wonderful place to be. I thought that it was peaceful and I really didn't have many worries when I was out there. I knew that if I wanted some alone time and didn't know what else to do I would want to go out there again because of how quiet it was. I would sit and read a book or just sit and look around me at all the wonderful nature that I could enjoy.

My Antonia

My Antonia wasn't as relaxing as the prairie was. Lets just say that there is a lot more noise in My Antonia and also a lot more worries. Things in My Antonia were like a whirlwind of things. People dying, kids going off and doing things they know they shouldn't, and just the overall drama of who likes who. I think that I would rather be in the prairie by myself rather than other people. It would be a lot more relaxing that way.

How these things all relate

Well, lets just start off with these days there is always drama and in the book there was still drama. Maybe they didn't have the same kind of drama but it was still there. But in the prairie (most likely if you are alone) there won't be drama. There will be peace and quiet and you can actually enjoy it without all the nonsense of the real world. I think that the real world really can relate to My Antonia cause of all the drama and the real things that go on. In the prairie though you just enjoy things and relax.
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