'' The place that's made out of mountains''


In 1889 Washington was named in honor of George Washington. The Majestic mount rainier soars above Seattle is the highest peak continental United States.The Evergreen state is the nations leader producer of apples and the home of the coffee chain Starbucks.The population for Washington is 6,724,540 (2010).The culture is a mixture of agricultural,maritime, industrial and high- tech influences.This is a land of loggers and farmers,cowboys,sailors.


People from western Europe, china and japan. A Lot of Lutherans where in Washington State.

Weather & Geography

Weather-Washington has two different climate zones mild and humid. Summer days don't rise about 29F and winter days seldomly drop down below 8C. They usually get about 200 inches of snowfall. Geography- Washington is surrounded by Virginia,Marry Land.

Tourist Sites

Ride The Ducks-Go too Fremont where you splash into lake union and cruise past gasworks park.The sleepless in Seattle floating home and a breath taking view. call 206-441-3825 for more details. This is located at 516 Broad street, Seattle WA.

Lopez Kayaks- The surrounding marine environment is ideal paddling for all experiences levels. It is home too multiple of wildlife. There is playful otters, soaring bald eagles. If you would like too Kayak here please contact them at 360-468-2847. there adress is 2845 Fisherman bay rd, Lynden, WA.

Museum Of Flight- You can look around at airplanes and also you get education about them too. The address is 94043 way st, Seattle, WA.

Long Beach-This is a place where you can eat, stay,play and shop. the number is 360-642-2400.

The Sports Club- You can play different types of sports. call 360-642-2400. The address is 7212-267th street N.W Stand wood WA.