The Isis Crisis

The Islamic state's big problem

What is Isis?

Isis is a political state that is trying to form a army of young Muslims that are promised things that they will never get. Money, fame, and women are part if Isis's master plan to use propaganda against young Muslims to "give" them everything they could ever imagine. Muslims are usually treated bad in other places and Isis tells them they will provide a good place for them and treat them nice.

The Islamic state

What is Isis doing? And what are they?

Isis is targeting young Muslims boys using social media and giving them propaganda that tells them only what they want to hear. Then they tell anybody that wants to join them to get to the Islamic state where they will hand out weapons for them to use. Isis Is taking control of a large piece of land and Is moving forward to try and capture the places that produce oil. Isis is also destroying historical monuments in its path of destruction.