Leprechaun Trap

By: Makayla Forsberg

How This Trap Works

The first step for the leprechaun to get trapped is for it to run up the incline plane, latch itself to the pulley to be lifted up for there is no other way to get around it. Next, the pulley will swing the leprechaun up and over the pulley pole, and on to the ground. The leprechaun will then see the pot of gold and runs over to it, and dives in. At the bottom of the "Pot of Gold", there is a hole, and the leprechaun will get trapped in that hole.

Simple Machines Used

A pulley and an incline plane are the simple machines that are used.

Materials Needed

1) Cardboard box

2) Pulley and a string

3) Green can of spray paint

4) Fake pot of gold

5) Incline plane to put in front of the box

Some Materials

Big image

Can of Green Spray Paint