Using Leaf Cuttings

Materials Needed

Cacti Potting Mix

Aluminium Cake Pan

Succulent Plant

Sharp Knife

Spray bottle with Water

Step 1

Cut succulent leaves off as shown in the picture with a sharp knife

Step 2

Create a 50/50 mix of cacti potting soil and perlite in an aluminium cake pan

Step 3

Lay the succulent leaves flat on top of the dry Cacti Mix and place in bright, indirect light

Step 4

Lightly spray the calloused cuttings once a week

Step 5

Gently bury the roots in the tray and continue watering once a week

Step 6

You will have a tray full of small plants in a couple of months

Step 7

You can pot the baby so it will grow larger or put it in an existing garden that needs filling out