Limestone School Counselor Corner

November/December Edition

December, Already?!

I cannot believe that we are just back from break and it is already December. Throughout the year, we have learned and discussed how to use empathy and compassion for one another and how we can use our skills to help us learn and stay focused while at school. We are now starting to transition from just learning about empathy and compassion to learning about emotional management. The emotional management unit is one of my favorites to teach because it deals with student's ability to be emotionally intelligent. Emotional Intelligence is a skill that is often overlooked on job application but is a interpersonal skill that is reflected in work ethic, attitude, problem solving, and how we deal with situations that create strong emotions within us. Through these next few weeks, we are going work on and learn the "Calm Down Skills" which will give us a three step process to managing our emotions. (Stop, Name Your Feeling, Calm Down).

Self-Esteem and You

I want to try and offer this news letter as an informational source as well as a way for you to know what we are doing in our guidance classes. Below you will find a great article about supporting your child's development of self-esteem with suggestions on how to help their emotional growth!