Team Bullard

Here's what's happening in the huddle...


Last week we read Way Out West Lives a Coyote Named Frank by Jillian Lund. We focused on the following skills:

  • using a story wheel to record events in order
  • using a story wheel to retell the plot of a story
  • alliteration


We read Knuffle Bunny Too and Knuffle Bunny Free by Mo Willems and completed our stories about feeling mad or sad. First graders now have personal dictionaries as part of their writing tools. We used them to correct spellings and we edited our work for appropriate punctuation, capitalization, spacing, and handwriting. On Monday, we will publish our good copies. Look for them in the hallway the next time you visit Gayman!


All guided reading groups are working on written responses to text. For non-fiction stories, we are trying out new graphic organizers to record facts and for fiction stories we are practicing story maps and connections. As you read fictional pieces at home, verbally talk about the characters, setting (where and when the story takes place), problems, and solutions in stories. After reading a story, say to your child, "Tell me a connection you can make to this story." Practice using specific details from stories when making connections. For example, "Frank knows to stay away from scorpions in the story Way Out West Lives a Coyote Named Frank. That reminds me of that time we saw a scorpion at the zoo. I think I'd stay away from them too!"


We began working in unit 8 learning about:

  • introducing the dollar bill
  • counting collections of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars
  • showing amounts of money using pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars
  • a new game...Penny, Dime, Dollar Exchange


Your child should have 10 dimes in his or her money kit at school. In order to play our new game, it is important that our money kits have the correct amount of dimes. Please ask your first grader if he or she had enough. It makes math much more meaningful if we keep our tools up to date. Thank you!


Spring has sprung and while that brings beautiful flowers and green grass, it can also bring social issues in first grade. Ms. Vass, our school counselor, came to our classroom this Friday to talk to us about ways to calm our bodies when we feel like we are going to "pop." We watched a kid-friendly video called "Don't Pop Your Cork On Mondays" to learn how to settle down when we feel stressed. Ask your first graders about some ways he or she learned to calm when feeling frustrated.


We reviewed the concepts of living and non-living, and that living things need to grow, change, move, and eat. Next week we will begin to study different groups of animals to prepare for our trip to the zoo.


On Friday, May 10th, Gayman's first graders will go to the Elmwood Park Zoo to enrich our studies of collecting and examining life. On Friday, we chose our chaperones for the trip. Each first grade class will take 6 chaperones. If you offered to be a chaperone, your name was placed in our hat and names were drawn at random. If you were a lucky winner, your child should have brought home a letter inviting you to join us. The cost for chaperones is $13.25 to cover adult zoo admission and the program we will see at the zoo. If you were chosen and you can no longer join us, please let me know immediately so I may choose a new name from those who were not picked. Thank you!

Remember, all permission slips and fees are due by this coming Friday, April 19th.