Battles of WWII

Kamron Taylor

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Bataan Death March

After the surrender of American and Filipino troops to the Japanese Imperial Army, there wasn't enough resources to house or feed the prisoners of war. As a result, the Japanese forced the weakened soldiers march 60 miles. Those who could not stay in line where shot or bayoneted. Fifteen thousand soldiers died and the rest were split into various camps. in these camps soliders died for untreated illness, lack of food, and beatings.

The "Two Pronged Attack"

General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz where to attack from each side. Forces coming form the North East and the Central Pacific would make Japanese forces become contained in the middle. After the plan successful completion of the plan, the Japanese would be in range of American bombers, allowing a midland invasion to begin.

Island Hopping

MacArthur and Nimitz had a plan to attack each of the Pacific Islands one at a time. This would incapacitate the Island without allowing American forces to be separated. They would isolate and bypass centers of resistance.

Battle of the Midway

American forces decoded Japanese messages and saw their plan to attack America less than a month from the day of the decoding. U.S. forces planned to surprise Japan at there own surprise attack. After seeing the U.S. Naval fleet, Admiral Magumo had the choice of continuing with the plan or retreating. The Admiral choose to retreat.

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima was located in the Japanese Volcano Islands. On 19th February 1945, Iwo Jima became the setting of a major battle where the United States fought the Japanese to reclaim the island back from Japan.


The Japanese launched a Kamikaze attack on the American Naval Fleet. This was the bloodiest battle of the Pacific War. Four months later, America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan incapacitating Japanese forces.

Flying Tigers

A group of Volunteer Pilots along with U.S. pilots where offered an incentive in which the main goal of the group was to shoot down Japanese flights, each plane destroyed was a 600 dollars in the American Pilots pocket. The American Pilots where assisted by the Chinese who served as look outs.
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Closing The Ring

This Strategy was that of Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt. The plan was to have a blockade in Berlin and bomb essential cities and centers in Germany. This would provide leverage for the Americans to further attack Germany.

The Invasion of Normandy (D-Day)

D-day was the largest sea born invasion in World History under the command of General Eisenhower. The U.S wanted to retake the Western Coast of Europe from the Germans.The Germans knew the attack was coming but didn't know from where. Air borne troops 24,000 (British, U.S, Canadian) parachuted into France. 7000 boots mostly occupied by infantry men. The goal of D-Day was not completed in the scheduled time but a week later.

The Battle of the Buldge

Germany surprised the allies by attacking mountains in France Belgium and Luxembourg. the massive snow storms the saying every man for himself true. many men froze to death because they did not have proper essentials to sustain themselves health wise. there was a shortage of food, communication was lost, motivation was lost.

George Patton, Omar Bradley, George Marshall

Patton and Bradley were both senior officers in the Army who had major roles in WWII Battles. Marshall was a renowned solider who was recognized for his leadership.

Navajo Code Talkers

The Navajo people used their native language to communicate secret message for the U.S. This was a code that no one could break. The small group of the Navajo code talkers kept the secret from the rest of the nation to ensure that there would be no breach. This code assisted in American victory.
Chester Nez: The Last of the Original Navajo Codetalkers

Tuskegee Airmen

First Group of African American Aviators to serve in the U.S armed forces. Jim Crow laws where still enforced during the time. FDR promised that African American would be able to serve if he was elected for a third term. This was accepted only if African American were trained and served separably from the whites.

The Fall of Berlin

Stalin unleashed a group of 20 armies, 6,300 tanks and 8,500 aircraft. The main goal was to cripple Germany and capture Berlin.