Incentive Winner & November Updates

...trying this SMORE newsletter out....:)

The October Incentive Winner is.......


Congrats! You won the drawing by!! Let me know which bracelet or holiday item you would love!!

You guys rocked last month!! We had the highest Business Volume to date for our team! As my husband said...'wow, that's a lot of product!' my mentor said, 'Wow, that is a lot of people changing their lives and ways!!' Both valid points :)

I am so grateful for each and everyone of you! This company is so amazing and part it is because I get to 'work' with all of you:)

November could be your biggest month yet!!!

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New Training Program launched!!!

Please log on to Behind the Counter and check out the NEW, amazing consultant training program. Whether you've been doing the deal for a few months or a few days, it would be a great idea to get familiar with the NEW training! It's an amazing tool for recruiting and for starting/restarting your biz off!!

November ideas....

I 'borrowed' this from the Business Tips page: (it's long, but really good!!!)

The busiest retail month of the year is upon us. This is the month to really grow your business through socials, 1:1s, holiday gifting appointments and more. This is also a fantastic time to add new people to your team. I encourage you to stretch yourselves this month. If you typically work 20 hours a month, work 30. If you usually do 1 social, do 2. The momentum from this month will carry you forward through the next year.

Below are some action points for this month:

1. Familiarize yourself with the new Training Site Behind the Counter. It’s going to be a true “game changer” for your business.

2. Attend a monthly meeting. Check out the events section of the team website. There are more than 10 events this month. These are great for recruiting new consultants and also for training. All events are listed on under Community -> Events (if you aren't already registered please request to be added to the team website. We will approve your request asap). Regional and Corporate events are listed at Special note: I will be in Milwaukee this Thursday and Los Angeles next Tuesday.

3. Help everyone you know (and yes I mean EVERYONE) to have a happy and healthy holiday season.

a. Who needs gifts? Realtors, dental hygienists, etc.
b. Go through your orders and see which customers might appreciate a personal call about the new holiday sets. For example, I have a few customers who own every color of our lip-gloss. I'm going to call them to let them know about the new shades.
c. Give the gift of Beautycounter. Who do you personally need to gift this holiday season?
d. Send a wish list to your friends. Ask them to fill it out and send it back to you. You can help their spouse, partner, mom, children, etc pick out a gift they will love (wish lists are available BTC).

We are a consumable! Make sure that you include your card when you give a gift. You want people to reorder the gift you are giving them .

4. Book 3 November socials: 1 at your house for all your customers and 2 with people who have social circles you don’t know. THIS IS KEY. Even if you typically do 1 social a month, do 3 this month. I promise you that it will instrumental in building your business for the next 12 months.

5. Follow-up: The fortune is truly in the follow-up in this business-Reach out to all October customers. Have you thanked them for their orders yet? If not, thank them! Then make sure they are loving their products and to let them know about the new gift sets (launching today) and how you can help them with their holiday shopping. Make sure to mention how great it is to host a holiday social.

-Reach out to all August and September customers to see if they are running low on any of their products and to let them know about the new gift sets and how you can help them with their holiday shopping. Makes sure to mention how great it is to host a holiday social.

6. Make it a goal to recruit 1-2 new front line consultants this month. This is the best time to join us as a consultant as the holiday season is our busiest time of year. We have a fantastic sign on special this month (hit $500 in your start month and receive the hydrate and body wash for free). This is in addition to their Start Counting Bonus and their commissions.

7. Reach out to me or your mentor if we can do anything to help you. Let's have a great November!

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Who's would LOVE to go to this lunch?

Let me know! Let's make a plan to make this happen! I became a Director in two months, so there is plenty of time:)
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I'd love to set up 30 minute calls for the beginning of November to help you reach your goals! It is all possible!

Have a great day and some socials, one on one's, recruiting meetings, facekits! The work you put in this month will lead you into a very successful 2016:)

All the Best,



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Another amazing reason to join Beautycounter this month!!

More Free Products when your new consultant hits $500 PV. They also get another $100 product credit!! Whoop!