English IV

Time Period Research

Completing Your Report

Step 1 - Choose a topic to research.

Step 2 - Consult different sources. One source will come from the internet. The other source must come from EBSCO, The user name is Terrebonne and the password is Students to use this source from home.

Step 3 - You must divide your topic into TWO subtopics. This will turn into your two body paragraphs.

Step 4 - Once you nailed down your sources, you should create your MLA citations. You can use citationmachine.net OR use OWL from Purdue to make your citations. This is important because the first word of this citation is what becomes your parenthetical citation!!

Step 5 - Write your topic sentences. Decided what each paragraph will be about and write a sentence that will tell your audience what to expect in the paragraph.

Stet 6 - You are finally ready to write your paper!! After the topic sentence, add details from your research. Be sure to give credit to the owner of the information!


One source must be from the EBSCO database. To access it, use the link on the bottom of the page. Your user id is Terrebonne. The password is students. Once inside the database, go to the History Resource Center. This is where you need to find a source.

Tips for finding your source:

1. Once you've typed in your topic and the search results are displayed, look over to the left panel. Under "Refine Results" under "Limit to" click the box that says "Full Text." This will help you avoid finding "abstracts" which are not acceptable sources.

2. When looking at the description of the article, each one has a number and the letter p behind it. This tells you how many pages the source is. Be sure to find a source you don't mind reading! example: 5p means 5 pages long.