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☺️Geography Of India☺️

Have you ever wanted to visit India, and see how beautiful it is? India is basically a peninsula, with the Arabian sea on the west, the Bay of Bengal on the East, and the Indian Ocean to the south. The Himalayas separates India from Asia and China just a little bit. The Himalayas has the biggest mountain in the world. The mountain is called Mt. Everest. Some people pay a lot of money to climb these mountains. Mt. Everest is 5.4979 mi. It would be amazing to see how beautiful it is on the top of Mt. Everest! You could watch the sunset set and basically touch the clouds! It is amazing seeing things that a lot of people don't have the chance to see.

☺️Unique Animals☺️

Have you ever wanted to see monkeys in real life? If you do then all you have to do is come to India. I know I do and they seem very fun to be around. If you love animals like I do I know the monkeys will love you back! They will climb all around you, and you will want to just take one home with you.The rhesus monkey is one of the most famous species of monkeys and distributed in large population across the country. Rhesus Macaques is native to Asia and has a wide geographic ranges in India, Rajasthan, Delhi and Varanasi are few city place to located these monkeys in temples and society. Now I love big animals and I have always wanted to see a elephant in real life. They are so cute and big! I know you will love getting to ride them! Just to give you a warning it might be a little bumpy, but it would be totally worth it!! It would be so cool to see them race up their nose, and seeing them blow up water through their nose. Seeing blue water shoot up in the sky with the sunset set setting would be super pretty!

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☺️Harappa and Mohen-Daro☺️

Harappa- Harappa domesticated animals like sheep, goat, and cattle. I really like Harappa because they used their resources wisely. They kept all their grains stored in granary. If you want to go to Harappa it's located in modern day Pakistan. Don't be scared to go to Harappa because it's surrounded by a wall known as Citadel.

Mohen-Daro- This is how Mohen-Daro made their roofs. They were built with mud that was baked in an oven. I think it is awesome that they build their roofs like this because the roof can be used to dry crops. If you like fruits, wheat (bread), and rice Mohen-Daro is the place where you should eat. To store the whole city's food they would build granaries. I know I would love to visit there and I know you would too.

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☺️India Today☺️

India occupies a great part of South Asia. India contains 29 states in total. Throughout its history, India was seperated by incursions from beyond its northern mountain wall the Himalayas. Sometimes people think of India as dirty and gross, and it really is. India is one of the most over populated areas in the world. The children live on the streets with hope. I feel like it would be amazing for me and everyone else to help these kids that live on the streets. It makes me sad to see kids my age suffer. It makes me sad because they do not deserve to have to suffer. I want to make a difference in India and I bet you would to if you saw how sad it is to see kids suffer.

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☺️Music of India☺️

You might not believe that India has a lot of the same kind of music that we have, but they do. The music they have is folk, pop, and India's classical music. There is another good reason you should visit India. You will be able to still hear the same kind of music. I love music and so does most people. It is very important that you can still enjoy yourself while you are in India, and you will be able to enjoy yourself because of the music. India is full of culture because of the music, so I think the music is a important part of India.

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☺️Traveler Tips☺️

  • To start off with, be very nice to the people on the streets. Ask them their name and how they are doing.
  • Also before you go make sure to look at what kind of food they have. Make sure you know what place you are going to eat most of the nights you stay there
  • Before you eat somewhere check the reviews. Some places surve bugs and gross stuff so check the reviews
  • Now to get into the serious things is not to go into dark places
  • Don't carry to much money around with you
  • Don't walk around without anyone else you trust
  • Also don't worry you don't only need to do these things in India, but you need to be aware of these things any where you go
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