Should minimum wage be raised?

By: Logan Draughon


  • According to an economist, raising minimum wage to about $9 an hour will raise the incomes of 28 million Americans.
  • It will be good for economic recovery if the spending power is in the hands of the people who spend in the actual economy.
  • It will help people get out of debt.
  • It will protect workers from abusive bosses who take advantage of the low current minimum wage.


  • It will make it more expensive to hire and keep employees. This will cause more job cuts and an increase in poverty.
  • It also will cost more to hire young, teenage employees who start off at minimum wage.
  • It will cause businesses to increase their prices of products and that forces Americans to pay for them and lose more money.

My opinion

I think that minimum wage should not be raised. It will lead to more bad things than good. It will be good for Americans because they will have more money, but they will be losing that money due to the increase of prices. It will also cause more poverty which is already an issue in America.