Children in Nigeria

by: Chantelle Kuchta


Births:-There are 43.26 births 1,00 people every year. -One out of every five children die before they are five years old.Schooling/ work:-some children in Nigeria have similar week schedules, they get up in the morning and do their morning routines, than the go to school to learn.Just like we do!- There are however, children in nigeria who do not get an education and have to work instead. -Children under the age of 14 have to work instead of going to school.- Most of the time they end up working for no pay too. -The children who are working for pay, are usually the ones who bring in all the income for the familyIssues:- unfortunately, Nigeria is one place where people have bad health.About 360,000 kids have HIV/AIDS-Another major issue in Niggeria is trafficking. Thousands of girls are getting trafficked to western Europe every year.- About 30% of children are underweightMeals: - They have different types of food they eat. They have tea and bread for breakfast, and one meal they have for lunch is rice,egg and plantains.A typical dinner meal in Nigeria is an omelet, toast, vegatables, and beans.              

Pictures of Children in Nigeria