Bonjour Bulletin

January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!

We are glad everyone is back safe and sound! We have been busy this week getting back into the routines of school. We made graffiti boards in the English class to show what we know with rhyming words, making words, and remembering the rules at school. We are beginning to write "how to" books and learning reading strategies that good readers use.

During our winter unit of study, we will focus on seasonal changes and winter facts. We will read lots of fact and fiction books about winter, snow, and snowmen in both classes.


On Tuesday, January 19th, the homeroom classes will switch. Mrs. Merck’s current class will start their day with Mme Bermas. Mme Bermas’ current class will begin their day with Mrs. Merck. Please begin to talk with your child about this change. This will not be a big difference for the students. The routines, expectations, and standards/skills in the classrooms will remain the same.

Math Homework: Practice at Home

  • Chapter 3: Reading and Writing Numbers 1-10. Reteaching/Practice: 3-1 to 3-4.
  • Practice writing numbers 1-20 without reversals.
  • Praceive counting 1-89 in French.
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