Redeemer Kids


Hey Andy, Jillian, Nathan, Ashley, and Josh

This is just a quick reminder that you are scheduled to teach this next Sunday, May 8th. Thank you especially those of you who are mothers and serving on Mother's Day. You embody the servant nature that is characteristic of mothers and it is noticed and appreciated.

This week we will be on Lesson 35 continuing through the book of Exodus teaching on the Tabernacle. The key Bible truth is "God lives among his people." As you teach through this story, remember this tabernacle is a picture which ultimately points to Jesus who would live among us. The apostle John would begin his Gospel describing how the Word became flesh and dwelt (or tabernacled) among us. Think about who incredible this truth is as you prepare.

Take some time this week to look over the lesson and activities. Figure out what the story means and how it applies to your own life. Then begin to think about how it applies to the kids in your class.

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Thank you for your service to our church family. I pray it would give you great joy in the Lord as you teach them about him.