Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder. People with this usually have a hard time taking care of their body, believing in false things, have unclear thoughts or confusion with hallucinations. With this they loose the ability of putting personal needs first, creating abnormal social behavior. people with schizophrenia, tend to hear, see, smell, or touch things that aren't there. They often loose touch with reality but cannot control it (don't know what fantasy from reality) These are phases or mental breakdowns, causing they to act and/or react inappropriately.


People with schizophrenia often feel confused or lost. They feel like others are out to hurt them, or others. Some times the voices in their heads will tell them to hurt other too. They are confused upon what's real and what's not.


  • they are psychotic
  • delusional
  • hallucinations
  • hear voices in head
  • bad decisions
  • moody
  • no expressions
  • don't have fun
  • don't do activities
  • don't talk/socialize
  • don't talk much


Talk to a parent or guardian, teacher, councilor, or doctors


there are no chemical tests for this, they just ask questions and based off the questions they can diagnose you. They can also do some brain images of necessary.


if positive you'll go through counseling, depending on how mad and what your symptoms are, the amount of time in counseling will vary.


if left untreated, things will only get worse. your symptoms will increase and will be almost unbearable. But its only as dangerous as the person who has it is (will they listen to the voices or not.) This could lead to death, of themselves or others.

Seeking help

if you don't seek help, ill say:

"you can get help! your not alone on this, there are multiple people with this diseases. The voices wont get better only worse. and with time all the things you happen to see smell feel or hear will get worse. but with help it will get better, it wont be anything to be embarrasses about!"


  • about 50% of people who are diagnosed wont get help.
  • this disease is found in about 1.1% of the worlds population.