Adolf Hitler

Wanted Dead or Alive

Adolf Hitler: Wanted Dead or Alive, Reward: $5,000

Hitler was very much involved in the war. He was the leader of the Nazi party and trying to take over the world. He attacked Poland on September 1, 1939 and took the country calling it the German "living space." Over the course of his ruling, he killed millions of Jews, causing pain to all of the world (except Italy & Japan).

Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles on many occasions. For example, in 1938 he demanded (and got) the Sudetenland at Munich. This example sums up why Hitler was a bad person. He needs to be found and killed or captured.

Reasons Why Wanted:

  • killing millions of Jews
  • killing millions of other people (non-Jews)
  • wants to rule the world
  • a bad person overall
  • took over countries around Germany

Central Beliefs

  • I truly believe that Hitler should have been killed earlier than he was.
  • He should have felt bad about what he was doing and stop doing it.
  • I don't like Hitler, even if I lived back during World War I.
  • I also believe that since he killed all of those people, that he should have not deserved death. Death is too good for him.
  • Lastly, I just believe that he is the worst person to live ever since Adam & Eve.