Prezi v.s. Powerpoint

William Wieberg


  • Easy to use and very accessible
  • not at all difficult
  • good for getting your school or work projects done
  • great to use with or without internet
  • can move to a thumb drive to move it
  • might loose saved things or forget to save in all
  • can hold a large amount of information
  • comes with all Microsoft computers.
In my opinion think that power point is a much easier way to go rather than Prezi. Only because i grew up using power point and Prezi is a new kind of program. power point can be a little more boring at times though.


  • fun to use
  • cool way to present what you need to
  • great flow of presentation facts
  • easy to figure out with not a lot of hassle
  • great tool for online
  • bad though if your internet goes down though
  • slow for loading usually
  • sometimes can be fire walled as well