Ancestor Interview & Country Day

Ancestor Interview

Today students brought home an interview about their ancestry. This is their assigned homework this week. However, due to the short week next week and the possible opportunity to see extended family members that may be able to help answer some of the questions, the due date for this homework is November 30th. Our current Social Studies unit will focus on immigration and the challenges that immigrants faced in a new country. As a part of this unit, we ask students to share what they know about their ancestry and the customs that may go along with it. The interview is a way to gather that information.

The students mentioned that they did something similar in 2nd grade and created a large project with poster boards and ethnic foods. I cautioned them that our assignment is to simply answer the questions that they can on the interview. They may bring in pictures of ancestors or heirlooms, artifacts from their ancestral counties, or store-bought snacks relating to their heritage but anything beyond the interview is extra and not required. We will share a few of our interviews each day throughout the week of November 30th. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Country Day on Tuesday, November 24th

TEAMWORK BINGO! Our class has a teamwork bingo board. When the class does well, we pull a number and color in that space on our bingo board. When we have a bingo, we earn an incentive. Earlier in the year, students proposed many ideas about what we could earn if we got a bingo. The class voted and the top suggestion was Country Day. Some students mentioned they did not have any western wear so, after some deliberation, it was decided that country day meant students could dress in school-appropriate Country Western gear or clothing from another country (t-shirt from vacation in another country, kimono, lederhosen ;)) Our group may be quite the sight next Tuesday! Participation is voluntary.