Student Progress Emails

Set up observer account notifications to receive email

You can receive a weekly notification email to track your student's progress via Echo

Observer notifications allow you to receive either daily or weekly emails when:

  • Your student submits something
  • Your student's grade drops below passing
  • Your student receives a score or feedback from a teacher
How Do I Set Up My Echo Notifications

Observer Accounts

Note: This is your parent/observer account, and should not be used by your student to enroll in their courses. Students receive their own username and password.

***Your observer username is your student's username + P for parent.

For example, Colin Hanks' username is CHANKS. His parents' username is CHANKSP

Contact if you are still having trouble with your username.

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Echo will send you your password information as long as you have a valid email address in Echo. From the 3-dots select Forgot password and enter your Echo Username. Echo will then email you a link to reset your password.

Can't access video? Follow the text guide below:

Login to Echo using your observer account username and password.

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Click on your profile in the upper right hand corner and select "settings"
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Notification Preferences

Under "Notifications preferences" (indicated below with a red box) determine how you would like to receive notifications.

Enter your email, phone number to receive texts, or both.

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Observer Notifications

Under "Observer notifications" decide what to receive notifications about, how you would like to receive them (text or email), and how often (daily or weekly).

Here is where you can receive individualized feedback from your teachers. By setting "A Student Receives Score or Feedback" to daily or weekly, Echo will notify you when a teacher has submitted a score, and if they have provided comments.

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Once notification preferences are set, click "save" in the upper right hand corner.

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