Holyrood Palace.

Holyrood Palace is an oficial residenes of Kings and Queens of Great Britain in Edinburg.


Tne Palace was built in 1498 - 1501 by the order of King of Great Britain Yakov IV. At first Holyrood Palace wasn't an oficial residence of the Royal Family. But Edinburg became much more important city and Holyrood Palace became an oficial residense of the Royal Family. But in 1671 - 1679 the Palace was rebuilt by the order of King of Great Britain Karl II.


In XVI century the Palace was a residence of Mary Stuart and today we can see an interior of her chambers.Mary Stuart was a Queen of Scotland and France and also she was a pretender to the English throne.In XVIII century a King of France Karl X lived in Holyrood Palace. Now this Palace is an oficial residence of the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II when she is in Edinburg.

What you can see in and near Holyrood Palace.

When you came to Holleyrood House you can see the main entrance which is decorated by Cost of Arms of Scotland. Then you can see the Grand staircase which is made in Baroque style.

The biggest room in the Palace is Picture Gallery. In this Picture Gallery you can see pictures of individual collection of The Royal Family and portrets of monarchs. For some time there were 110 portrets in the gallery but now there are only 89 portrets. Nobody knows why 21 portrets disappear.

Near Holyrood Palace you can see ruins of old Abbey. It was the first building in Holleyrood. All buildings are surrounded by beautiful gardens.

View of the Picture Gallery.

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Portrets in the Picture Gallery.

Can you visit Holeyrood House or not?

Though Holeyrood Palace is an oficial resindence of Queen Elizabeth II you can visit this Palace.Traditionally, the Queen spends here at least one week a year. In her absence tourists can visit Holeyrood House .Russian tourists can take free audio tours of the Palace. But you can't take photos and video.At the entrance inspected.
Holyrood Palace