'High School was my Hero'

Dallas TX, Catherine Bryant

Read just how far their High School experiences are taking them

Ashley Herd, a Dallas native, mom and small business owner was recently asked how she does it all. Ashley has three kids between the ages of two and seven, but when not wiping up spills and driving carpool she is building her online shopping empire. Who does she credit for all of her successes?

--High School

'When it's 2 am and two of my children are crying from nightmares, I just remember back to the logs I learned in Algebra II!' She also shares that she is so thankful for all of the math she learned, because while she does have a calculator app on her phone and laptop, she wouldn't want to drain the battery.

"Kids complain about schoolwork daily, but they don't understand that the Mongols invasion of Russia comes up in business conversations all the time! If I hadn't been so sharp on my World History facts, I would never have landed my investors", she explains.

Ashley is a prime example of how you will use absolutely everything you have learned in high school every day! So stop complaining kids! Use those physics formulas to calculate turns of your shopping cart at the grocery store. Use your English grammar to write perfect Instagram captions, and all that stuff from Health class? I bet you could form a proper diagnosis from that!

Was High School your hero? Share your story with students here! School is not a choice but it can save their lives!