How to fight off Medusa

Tips and Tricks


You might wonder how to escape the Gorgon A.K.a Medusa. Well these are some tricks, tips and steps to escape Medusa. This is a Greek myth which is how Perseus kills the Gorgon.

Medusa's Backround

Medusa was first a beautiful maiden. Medusa's boyfriend was Poseidon. Medusa first got turned into a Gorgon because Athena was jealous. Athena put a curse on Medusa. The curse was that she will be the ugliest women in the world. She was so ugly that she can turn mostly anyone to stone. Since then Medusa has been turning anything and anyone to stone.


Sisters:Had 2 sisters Stheno, and Euryale

Parents: Phorcys and Ceto

Escaping the Gorgon

Step 1: If you find lots of statues that look really realistic don't go near the building or place

Step 2: In any occasion don't get close to her.

Step 3: Use a mirror to reflect her image to see her.

Step 4: Don't get to close to the snakes or they will pry your eyes open to see Medusa's eyes.

Step 5: Run for your life all she can do to you is turn you into stone

Step 6: Never go on face to face combat with the beast only if you have you're back to the gorgon with a reflected mirror to see what she is going to do.

Step 7: She is a mortal so it is possible to kill Medusa

Strength and weaknesess

The strength of Medusa is to look at her eyes. Another strength is she can pry you're eyes open with her snake hair. Her weakness is that she can not turn you int stone if you see her reflection. Another weakness is that she is mortal so she can die.


Those are steps if you ever encountered the Gorgon. Those were the tips and trick of fighting the Gorgon A.K.a Medusa.