#OKSCCHAT 2/4/16

Topic:Parents, Teachers,& You. How do U build relationships?

Tweetchat at 7pm CST #OKSCCHAT

#OKSCCHAT is a school counseling focused chat for school counselors, admins, and teachers to focus in on some quality conversation and topics that are important to school counselors. No longer are we sitting in PD meetings that don't pertain to us, #okscchat is here to meet our PD needs and help start important conversations about school counseling in Oklahoma and abroad. Join us using Twitter, tweetdeck, or hootsuite and search the hashtag #okscchat. The chat will be a Q&A format that looks like this:

(My questions) Q1: What is your name?

(Your response) A1: My name is @LimestoneSC, Nick Hughes PK-5 SC from Sand Springs.

Hope to see you all on twitter tonight!

Nick Hughes