Gordon Korman

By Nick Casey

Great books for avid readers that will hook you and drag you in.

About the author

  • His current home is Long Island, NY, US.
  • Gordon Korman has three children and a wife, that he loves dearly.
  • Gordon's influences as a writer is humor, ever since being a little kid, he and his family are always cracking jokes at the dinner table.
  • He is 50 years (October 23, 1963).
  • Gordon Korman wrote his first book at only twelve years old.

Gordon Korman

One book of his

  • One of his books, Swindle is about two kids trying to get back a million dollar baseball that they got juked out of big money by a collector.
  • His writing style is first person.
  • The genre is realistic fiction.
  • The theme in Swindle is never give up, and keep on trying.
  • The book is mostly about two boys createing a plan to steal a baseball card back.