move to Galveston today !!!


this is the vegetation in Galveston

Grassland / Prairie

Beach / Dune

Bay-side and that's some more reasons to move to Galveston !!!


we have a really nice population of 48,733 people


. longitude -94.7977
. latitude 29,3013
. altitude 7 feet


the average for a home is 234,526 $$$


The beautiful bay in Galveston

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Jobs offered

lots of opening for job at the hospital,office jobs and lots more!

Home cost

A 3 bed 2 bath house is a low cost of 140,000 dollars And a 2 bed room apartment is 1,205$$$

Origin of city

named after a Spanish colonial governor and general.

Unemployment rate

the unemployment is really low it is a 4.3 see how low that is

Popular foods

Paps pizza, Rita's Italian ice

Historical events that happen

there was a big hurricane on 9/8/19 it was a tragedy
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How old this city

the city was established in 1817
Dang that's old!

Schools in Galveston

trinity episcopal school,Galveston acadmety


Texas a&m is a really good collage then we have st Thomas
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Parks in Gavleston

the little kids have to have fun too theirs beach pocket park then schlitterbahn water park

Festivals in Galveston

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Beaches, Events, and Attractions on Galveston Island, Texas