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The IT Revolution in File Hosting and Sharing Files Solutions

So far, people have been going from one site to another, always switching to versions that seemed better, to send their documents over the web to some other user, but what they don't know is that they can have one solution for all their sharing needs, with no installation, restrictions, safety issues and trouble. Sharing files solutions have made significant leaps forward. Nowadays, all you need is a file storing website that lets you create an account and upload files safely, then transfer files only to those meant to receive the same.

Upload Files and Share It

All you have to do is upload files and then links to share with the selected viewers will be created. This is similar so far to all those free-to-use websites that you would use for sharing big files with friends whenever it was needed. The newer, professional methods are different though. By subscribing, you get an account of your own and will be enjoying a much more secure service.

You can even share sensitive information through this. This aspect makes these storage solutions fit for business work. You will be using a simple interface with a dashboard that makes sharing work so much easier. The recipients don't need to have their own account, because simply sending them the link will be sufficient to access the sent document.

Online, you can share one file as well as a folder with multiple files. To start with, if you wish to sign for a free account, you can share a file that's as big as 1GB. Users may get a starter package of free storage at first and, should its limitations be too much, switch then to a better option, even to one that offers unlimited bandwidth.

If you make a checklist of features you would want in a service of this kind, you will see that has them all. In addition it is lightweight and doesn't call for anything to be installed. Oftentimes, the most effective solutions would ask for some effort to get working with them. It was the price to be paid. This one, however, eliminates that, because the user is always looking for something easy to use.

Installation is usually intimidating or makes one suspicious, as it could compromise data security. Enjoy now an installation-free solution made for everybody. Storage space goes from 5GB to 2TB, depending on the type of subscription chosen.