Battle of the Books!

We are looking for Battle of the Books Teams!

Once again we are looking for Battle Teams for the Raven School and YOU, are eligible!!

Teams are broken down as follows:






Battle of the Books in a Nutshell: Three students constitute a team as follows: scribe, spokesperson, member at large, a fourth is the alternate. Each member reads the official book list for their grade level. During the scheduled competition the students meet together as a team and answer a series questions with simply the title of the book and the author. The winning teams within a school district move on to state where they battle school teams from around Alaska.

It is a lot of fun working together as a team but we have to get reading now! Your RCS office will order the book sets as soon as we know what grade level battle teams will compete. These will be available for checkout.

Visit ome.html for more information and inspiration. Stay tuned! Contact Joy Shier at or 357-9573 and let her know you would like to participate. She will be thrilled!

More details to follow at our organizational meeting!

It is now time to get ready for the 2017 showdown. If you like to read, if you like to meet new people, and if you like to show what you know, come and be a part of one of our great teams!

Joy Shier J

Raven Home School Advisory Teacher