By: Vianey Gonzalez

What Is a Pharmacist?

A pharmacist is the person you take the medically prescribed prescription a doctor gives you when you are sick.


~Get involved in a STEM program or AP chemistry

~Finish high school

~ Complete two years of pre-pharmacy

~ Complete four years of pharmacy school

Income: The income of a pharmacist depends on the factors of where you work, level of expierence, who you work for, and the level of pharmacy you do.

Annual income~ $121,620

Hourly Median Income~ $58.47

Your pay will go up either go up or down this usually depends on your personal effort.


~ Mix prescription drugs prescribed from a doctor to patient

~ Inform the patient of their medicine

~ Insure proper usage of medication

~ Assort the medicine to type and what it does

~ Keep of track of inventory

~ Make sure other pharmacy workers are on task

About Me

I am still in high school but I make sure to know how to take the necessary steps in order to achieve my career goal. My career goal is to become a pharmacist. In order to achieve this goal I need to remember to keep my grades in check and myself to. I also need to keep a love for the sciences and math. Pharmacy has been around for years and will continue to stay a job. Pharmacy is used everywhere even you think it's not being used, it may not necessarily be to the person in a white lab coat behind the counter but even the simple cough medicine was developed my pharmacists. Pharmacists are always working either in labs developing new medicine or in your local Walgreens or CVS.