IBS Final Exam

Chandler Evers

Being Happy Chapter 4 -Setting Goals

“Goals are the vehicles whereby we can become someone more than we already are. We need goals, not for what they get for us but for what they do for us.”

Setting goals can keep someone going through the worst of times. Goals will improve your life because they will motivate you to achieve the goal you set out for. Writing goals down will be beneficial because each time you see it you will be encouraged.

Being Happy Chapter 5 -Use it or Lose it

Use it or lose it can be applied to anything you do. After not doing something for a length of time, you begin to "lose it". You can lose interest, skills or motivation towards that specific thing.
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Being Happy Chapter 2- Live in the now

Living in the now means to appreciate where you are now. Too often are we to be waiting for the next birthday or another model to come out. Instead we should live each moment that we are in to the fullest.
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