jefferson ideas about america

All men are created equal, l Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence. He believed that everyone has certain rights. You didn’t have to earn these rights. They belonged to you just because you were alive. The rights he was talking about were things like life, and pursuit of happiness. Jefferson had strong beliefs. He put these beliefs into the declaration of independence. He wanted them to be a part of the United States rights from the very beginning. He wanted the United States to be like no other country in the world.

jefferson real story

Thomas Jefferson had good ideas. But those ideas weren’t the whole story. Tomas Jefferson’s real story didn’t always match up with his ideas. Jefferson thought everyone should be free. But he didn’t know how to end slavery. He thought everyone should work hard on a small family farm. But he also thought everyone should be educated. And if you had to spend most your time doing chores on your family’s farm, it was hard to go to school. He thought everyone should take part in the government. People who spent all there time working on a farm didn’t have much time for government, either.

kentucky became a state

In 1792 Kentucky became a new state. People argued a lot about whether Kentucky would be a slave state a state where slavery was allowed or a free state a state where slavery was against the law. People liked Jefferson. They respected him and his opinion. If he had tried, he might have been able to convince people to make Kentucky a free state, through. He had a lot of friend to argued with him. So Jefferson had made the United States bigger.