School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! For the first time in our school's history, we have decided to include this brochure with your acceptance letter and school supply list. We hope this will help you get to know Hogwarts better as you prepare to start in the Fall!

-Professor Albus Dumbledore


Classes At Hogwarts


  • Using textual evidence, choose TWO classes and their professors from Hogwarts to describe in your own words.
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Charms with Professor Flitwick

In this class, first year students will learn [what kinds of things will they learn this year?]

Professor Flitwick [tell your reader about the professor]

Testimonies from Students and Staff at Hogwarts


  • Add a picture of the character
  • In their VOICE and POINT OF VIEW, write in 1st person in your own words about one of their favorite experiences at Hogwarts.
  • Complete for at least TWO characters

Places around Hogwarts


  • Add a picture of at least one setting
  • Using textual evidence, choose at least TWO locations around Hogwawrts to describe in your own words

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The Quidditch Pitch

Throughout the school year, students will come to the [place] to [why will they come? What will they see?]. (Optional) This last school year, [what was something cool or interesting that happened here?]