The Scientific Revloution:)

Alexandra C. 6th Period

What was the change? :O

The scientific revolution was characterized by the emergence of new ideas and principles regarding humanity and the world around us. :D
The Telescope was invented,

The Scientific Method was proposed

The Periodic Table was made

Who Where The People Associated with the change? >.<

How Did The Change Impact The Society At The Time?

Basically everyone was really skeptical about the theories that have been proposed. Galileo Believed that the heliocentric wasnt true and the church believed thathe was wrong, and also that he should stop his work. Galileo was put on house arrest for the rest of his life.

How Is That Change Evident In To In today's Modern Society? ^.^

The fact that the world still believes and follows the scientific findings form so many years ago and now that children use the scientific methods, newtons laws and the peridodic table. all of these were "invented" or discovered when the scientific revolution was in its younger years. Science is inevitable.