Carbon Cycle Central Times

By: Sam Woodland

The Carbon Cycle

How it works

Carbon is in all living things. Plants use carbon to create glucose. When an animal eats the plant, it takes the carbon. In return, the animal breathes out carbon to give to the plant. Carbon is also moved into the ocean through plants. In the ocean,water transfers from the water to the air.

Question 1

If the carbon cycle is disrupted by humans, then all of the organisms have extra carbon to deal with. Say we use too much carbon too fast. There is no way to recycle all that extra carbon. fall the plants and animals would have too much carbon. Slowly the weather would change and becoming hotter.

Question 2

If the carbon cycle was disrupted, it would get a lot hotter and there would be a lot of excess carbon not being able to go through the carbon cycle. The animals around us would start to die, as well as the plants. The whole ecosystem would start to die.

Question 3

Global warming is a big problem rising around disrupting the carbon cycle. As we release more carbon,the planet gets warmer. This makes the ecosystems have to face harsher climates.

Question 4

To curb carbon emissions, you should start using less fossil fuels like oil and convert to solar or hydro-electric power. Another thing you can do is stop driving cars and walk or bike to places. This could reduce the amount of carbon you use.