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Turkey is my country I have decided on. The population is 71,200,00. Major import is machinery. The languages are Arabic and French.

What's happening in Turkey

Food and Water

They use the water from the important water sources near them and desalinization. They used silt on the crops. The rivers were the Bospororus, the Seaot Marmara, and the Dardanelles River.


They'd use aquifer to water the plant and crops. The water was from the water ways. The water would make an Alluvial plain.

Alluvial plain

The water ways will some time also make a plain. Bedouins would cross the bridge to go to Turkey. When they have wage it is hard the crop.


The farmers that cropped food for work, had a fellahin. They would crop their own food and crop food for the town. They'd even go to Asia and Europe to sell their crops.


They use the water ways for almost every thing that when it has a wadi it's harder to get water. They use the water for the animals and for the crops. They drink the water and so many other things.